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MahJong Solitaire

Mahjong solitaire is puzzle game based on the same tiles. The goal is to match open pairs of identical tiles and remove them from the board, exposing the tiles under them for play. The game is finished when all pairs of tiles have been removed from the board or when there are no exposed pairs remaining.

144  Blocks MahJong

Absolutist MahJong

Aerial MahJong

Alchemy MahJong

Animal MahJong

Arcade MahJong

Arkadium Solitaire

Artifact MahJongg

Ben 10 MahJong

Black & White

Burger MahJong

Butterfly MahJong

Candy MahJong

Cartoon MahJong

Casanova MahJong

Celtic MahJong

Ceremony MahJong

Chinese MahJong

Christmas MahJong

Christmas MahJong 2

Chrismas Tiles

Classic Style

CMT MahJong

Cross Roads

De Luxe MahJongg

Der Schatz der Mayas

Ding Ding

Doof MahJong

Double MahJong

Dragonball MahJong

Dragondices Solitaire

Easter MahJong

Elite MahJong

Fandango MahJong

Flash Tiles

Flower Tower

Forever MahJong

Freegames911 MahJongg

Frozen MahJong

Fupa MahJongg II

GameHouse MahJong

Gamesclub MahJong

Game Team MahJong

Gametop MahJong Deluxe

Gamtic Super Mario MahJong

Garden MahJongg

Gardens MahJong

Groovy MahJong

Halloween Tiles

Harry Potter MahJongg

Hero MahJong

Holyfish MahJong

Hong Kong Phooey

Igrivko and Animals

Indian MahJong

Infospace MahJongg

Investigations MahJongg

Jade Shadow Mahjong

Jolly Jong

Kung Fu Madzone

Looney Tunes MahJong

Mahi Mahi

MahJong 01


MahJong 03

MahJong II

MahJong 247

MahJong 3D

MahJong Empire


MahJong Mania

MahJong Match

MahJong Ready

Marble MahJong

Marine MahJong

Master MahJong

Master Qwans MahJong

Math MahJongg

Medieval MahJong

Millennium MahJongg

Miniclip MahJongg


Miserov MahJong

Mom Jong

Monster High MahJong

Multilevel Mahjong Solitaire

Multistage MahJong

My Little Pony MahJong


Nile Tiles

Osmose MahJong

Palace MahJong

Peppa Pig Mahjong

Pharaoh Mahjongg

 Pink Mahjong

Pokemon MahJong

Po's Kungfu Challenge

Reduce Stress MahJong

Road Signs MahJong

Saint Patrick


Shanghai Dynasty


Shape MahJong

Silkroad MahJong


Solitaire MahJongg

Super Dragon MahJongg

Spongebob Mahjong

Super Mario Mahjong

Swirl Jong



The Boat MahJong

The Castle MahJong

The Curse of Morxius

The Endless Journey

The Great

The Mahjongg Key

The Nao's Shangai

The Panda's Solitaire

The Towers of Legend

TimeandGame MahJong

Tombstones MahJong

Tower MahJong

Toy Chest

Treasure Chest Mahjong

Trouble MahJong

Turbo MahJongg

Underwater Mahjong


Zhong Guo Long

Zodiac Cancer MahJong

Zodiac Leo MahJong

MahJong Connect

Agame Connect

Animal Connect

Cake Connect

Christmas Connect

Connect It

Dog MahJong 1

Dog MahJong

Farm Connect

Farm Connect

Flag Connect

FOG Connect

Food Connect

Forest Connect

Front Network Connect

Game24 MahJongg

Girl Connect

Horoscope Connect

Japanese Connect

Kris MahJong


MahJong Connect

MahJong Deluxe

Maplestory Matching

Mission Match Up

Multiple Connect

Neongames Connect

Pet Connect

Pokemon Connect

Ranch Connect 2

Rome Matrix


Vegetables Connect

WOW Connect 1

WOW Connect 2


Chinese MahJong

A game of Chinese origin, usually played by four people, in which tiles bearing various designs are drawn and discarded until one player has an entire hand of winning combinations.

Energy MahJong

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