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Pinball Games

Pinball is a game in which a player presses two buttons on each side of a pinball machine in order to hit a small ball to the top of the machine. The aim of the game is to prevent the ball reaching the bottom of the machine by pressing the buttons.

7Up Pinball

Addition Pinball


Britain Pinball

Christmas Pinball

Classic Pinball

Cosmic Pinball

Crazy Ball

Dragon Crystal Pinball

Electric Pinball


Festival Pinball

Flash Pinball

Flip Out

FWG Pinball

Gnome Ball

Grease Pinball

Gumman vs Mud Thing

Honda Pinball

Hot Rod Pinball


Indiana Jones Pinball

Inside Out Pinball

Jake's Inferno Pinball

Jungle Quest

Jurassic Pinball

Mr Bump Pinball

Original Hardcore Pinball

Pepsi Pinball

Pepsi Max Pinball

Pinball 1

Pinball de Luxe

Pinball King

PinFlip 1

PinFlip 2

Rapid Motion

Scooby-Doo Pinball

Sewer Ball

Skol Pinball

SkolRock Pinball

Snowball Pinball 1

Snowball Pinball 2

Sonic Pinball

Son of the Mask

Speedball F5

Spinball Whizzer

Super PinMachine

Super Sonic Pinball

The Beatles Pinball

The Magik

Tim Ball Pinball

Tiny Pinball 1

Tiny Pinball 2

Toothpaste Tower

Undefine Pinball 1

Undefine Pinball 2

Velox Pinball

Virus Pinball

Wilbert Pinball

XTreme Pinball

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