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A quiz is a form of game or mind sport in which players attempt to answer questions correctly about a certain or variety of subjects.

Africa Map

Arts-Literature Quiz

Atari Challenge

Bank Time


Cartoon Quiz

Celebrity Quiz

Chrono Quiz 1

Chrono Quiz 2

Chrono Quiz 3

Chrono Quiz 4

Dinosaur Quiz Game

General Knowledge Quiz

Geography Quiz

Geography Quiz: Africa

Geography Quiz: Australia

Geography Quiz: Canada

Geography Quiz: Central America

Geography Quiz: Europe

Geography Quiz: Middle East

Geography Quiz: South America

Geography Quiz: USA 1

Geography Quiz: USA 2

Geography Quiz: USA 3

Geography Quiz: Worldmap

Guess the Game

History Quiz

Internet Slang Quiz

Killer Quiz

Kiras Quiz

Know your Tequila

LFC Trivia Quiz

Lord of the Rings

Love Quiz

Mountains, Rivers, Seas

Name that Film

Nes Challenge

Patern Matching

Pokemon Puzzle Challenge

Practice Quiz

Ring Bearer

Smash Champions

Smash Quiz

Sonic Quiz 2

Sports - Entertainment Quiz

Super Generic Quiz

The 16 Bit Wizard

The Impossible Quiz 1

The Impossible Quiz 2

The Impossible Quiz Book

The Color Test

The Countries of Africa

The Maths Quiz

The Quiz Game

Trivia 1

Trivia 2

Trivia 3

Trivia 4

Trivia 5

Trivia 6

True or False 1

True or False 2

Ultimate Mariogame Quiz

Ultimate Zelda Quiz

Wheel of Fortune

Win one Million

Word Matching

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